Get IAS 19 or ASC 715 done!

IAS 19 or ASC 715 or Ind AS 19 – fast results, prepared by experienced actuarial professionals.

For most companies IAS 19 or ASC 715 serves one purpose only – International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) or US GAAP compliance. Your auditor and perhaps the authorities require implementation – even if the year-to year impact on your financials is expected to be minimal. On this site you can learn more, and easily approach us to assist you.

Lux Actuaries & Consultants

We offer an IAS 19 or ASC 715 compliant valuation report, complete with necessary disclosures and entries – with minimum effort or demands on your time. For companies employing 100 staff, 5,000 staff or 100,000+ staff, we deliver results to you quickly, accurately and efficiently. M&A impact, Bulk Transfers, Mass Retrenchments – not a problem. We guide you as to exactly how to use our results.

For IAS 19 or ASC 715 please Contact us or write to our Head of Employee Benefits, Ms Susan Turner, at For Ind AS 19 please write to Mr Yogesh Agarwal, at

Want to know more?

For those who would like insight as to the extent of work required and to understand more about what the actuarial calculations entail, please explore our blog.